As you all are aware, we LOVE HEAR Indiana! They are an organization, based out of Indianapolis, that provides services to kids with hearing loss. They do SO much for SO many! We fundraise, yearly, for their Annual RUN FOR SOUND (formerly known as the Talk Walk Run) as a team we call Connor’s Caped Crusaders. You can DONATE HERE 

Monthly they host a Parent Encouragment Night down in Indy, and I can never make it due to schedules, etc….so when they had offered tickets to an Indy 11 game–and we could make it there–we jumped at the opportunity! Hanging with some awesome kids and their families….YES PLEASE! It was an amazing time to see a professional soccer game in person!

We decided to make it a family getaway weekend. We left early Saturday morning and got to our hotel (THANKS internet for an awesome rate), we did some swimming, walked around downtown Indy, took Connor into the old Union Station, walked to Lucas Oil, watched the game and then back to the hotel. We ended our day to exhausted to go grab a bite to eat-and we didn’t want to eat out of the vending machine-so we ordered from room service. Connor thought that was the COOLEST thing to have it delivered with the food cover on it (and all he got was a PB&J)

Family time–no matter what we are doing–is the BEST time! Being able to take Connor on outings like this…and make memories….time well spent!